What is love

What is love…

Emotion…connection…fleeting desire

Why is the feeling so fleeting for some and not for others

Is it because we are programmed this way

Is it because the ones we love cause us pain

Why do most of us crave companionship

What are we looking for


What is love…

For me it is someone to catch me when I fall

To stay beside me through it all

Someone to still care for me with the same amount of passion… even after so much time

Someone who feels like the warmth on my face from the sunshine

15 thoughts on “What is love

  1. Love is the fall. We fall because we see both the intellectual and emotional side and on some level choose the emotional. To fall and be caught, held, passion renewed, passion earned each day, never resting on the laurels of past triumphs. Though triumph may be the wrong word.

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