My Old friend Darkness

Hello darkness my old friend.. I knew you’d find me in the end

I saw you creeping… slowly waiting

For me to get pushed down in despair

And then I knew that you my old friend..would be there

To pull me back into the shade

To take me away and let me fade

Into the night me and my shadow we go

Those who have there own shadow know..exactly how I feel…

Those of you who struggle with sadness…

You know the darkness is real

8 thoughts on “My Old friend Darkness

  1. Hey I was just reading your comment on one of my blog posts (harbinger of happiness) where you invited me to read your poems as well I’m glad you invited, this poem of your’s is simply magnificent. It is pretty similar to a poem I wrote long time back called Lone Wolf do have a look at it according to your convenience and let me know what you think of it. Thanks again for inviting me to read your poems they are great.


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