Better off alone 

It’s great when you think you have friends And then when something happens.. None of them are there

No condolences.. No questions why..

Not even hey how are you.. Did someone in your family die?

This is what keeps me closed off from people

This is what keeps me away

When you ask for a moment of someone’s time

They run the other freaking way

Well I guess I’m better off as I was..

Before I was fooled into thinking I wasn’t alone..

If I can’t rely on anyone else.. At least my heart is safe on my own

16 thoughts on “Better off alone 

  1. A beautiful poem. Captures what I’ve thought, asking for help shunned, left alone, in isolation. At least for me, in the worst place; the isolation of your own mind.

    Met some friends who have been there for me, one, has been there, nearly everyday we’ve been meeting for the last 3 weeks.

    The thing I would say, true friends are rare but can be found. The friend who’s helped me says the same about our group.

    We even have an event we call “helpsgiving” where we hang out and celebrate always being there as a support group for each other. 🙂

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