I Search for Myself

I search for myself

I finally like what I find

After years of grief and pain

I finally broke the bind

I search for myself

With memories behind my eyes

I push myself forward

Because I can now see the lies

I search for myself

Because I have to push on

I cannot look back

I need to be strong

6 thoughts on “I Search for Myself

  1. It is official, this is my favorite piece now. Wow I felt my eyes ready to shed some tears, this really hit me. Thank you for sharing not only this piece but your gift with all of us

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  2. i dig deeper,
    afraid of what
    i might find.
    the fabled
    treasured soul
    or miles of dirt,
    left behind.

    beautiful poem………we all need to find ourselves, every step of the way………….loved it! 🙂

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