Falling through the floor

Here I go again 

Falling through the floor 

Here I go again 

Walking out the door 

Here I go again 

Looking for comfort 

Here I go again 

Looking for an end 

Wounded souls

You see a side of me 

That no one else can 

You understand me completely 

And accept me as I am 

I hope you are the one 

The one I was looking for 

I hope you let me in 

Because I know that you haven’t yet

I know this because we are the same 

We both sway back and forth 

Wounded souls once abandoned 

This is who we are


Image source http://coltre.tumblr.com

He held out his hand 

I thought I lost it all

Until a stranger stood before me

He looked at me and saw

A girl lost and crying

He asked me what was wrong

But he could not make out my words

So instead of trying to understand

He held out his hand


© Nyx0519

Image Source http://haunted-s0uls.tumblr.com

Drift away

I sit here in the dark

Fading but not completely gone

I feel the darkness drain me

I feel myself drift away

How did I get this way


© Nyx0519

Drift Apart

Can you find love that you thought you lost

Can you fix what has been broken

Without retracting words once spoken

Can you find forgiveness in your heart

Or do you slowly drift apart


Image Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/skim_michigan/


I feel lost today

And I hope that no one can see

The sadness behind my eyes as the ground beneath my feet is swept away

My heart breaks moving from one place to the next

I am so tired of smiling…and pretending to be ok

I just want to be alone

My foundation is gone

As I move on to another temporary place

I just hope my sadness is hidden behind the smile plastered on my face



Image source.   http://weheartit.com/entry/271545993/in-set/117084824-quotes-text?context_user=Maizter&page=5


I have to leave my home again 

There is no changing who I am 

A wanderer… a traveler till the end 


Image Source  https://www.flickr.com/photos/144545899@N08/