I feel empty

Alone and guarded

Tired of the pain

The others always bring

I often feel

That I am an alien in this world

That I will never really belong here

My smile

My words

I fool you all

I have never been human

I am something else

And I am still here

Every day I wake

Indifferent to each breath I take

Maybe someday the emptiness will fill

Until then here I am

An alien that walks on land


5 thoughts on “Alien

  1. My dear friend

    It is true we all do not belong here, although we live in this world but we are not from this world. Our really home is in Him, the Ocean of love and light. We are all connected not outwardly but inwardly coming from the same souce. I wish I could help you more, my friend. Believe in yourself and sent all those things that brings us down away, do not allow them to enter into your mind. I know it is not easy at all when one suffers from borderline. See the little beautiful things in life, focus on the good things of life, not on the bad things. Enjoy when the sun rises in the morning, when it raining, take all for your come forward as flower that needs sunshine and rain likewise.
    A big hug to you, my friend – I am always at your side

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