Never enough

In the darkness

I hide from you

The pain slips out

A little with each cut

Never enough to stop


4 thoughts on “Never enough

  1. My dear friend,

    When we find only cloudy days, all is grey and grey, hope is fading away, and darkness pressing deep on us, then we also should know – there is a sun behind the clouds, even night time the sun is not away, it only has a different position. Our thoughts are very potent: when we think the light is away, away it is, when we think, in spite of all darkness, there is light, then the light is there… try regularly a bit more and more, day by day to believe that there is sunshine outside, that the morning will come with its warm beams bringing light to you, try to manifest this faith in you and gradually the light will really come, my friend.
    Big hugs from my heart to yours
    Love and light to you

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