Just another day

Once again I was fooled

I thought I would see the sun

I thought I would see the flowers bloom

I was wrong

The time will never come

There is no time for me

The clouds grow dark

The sky turns grey

Today is just another

Day like yesterday

I feel so alone

As I sit here in the dark

My heart breaks

I feel the pain again

This is what happens

This cycle that never ends

The cause does not matter

It always feels the same

There is nothing left of me

There is nothing left to gain

Anything that was human has died

A thousand times before

I exist and stand

Only for what I fight for


4 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. My dear friend,

    Now I want to take your hand and lead you through the beauties of our planet. We walk along the beach and see the sun rising and setting, the ocean is blue with a mild wind that rushes through our hair. Barefoot we walk and feel the smooth warm sand under our feet and when we look to the left we see beautiful mountains, on top with snow. We breathe the air of beauty and everything makes us feel happy, even in this virtual reality, in this moment, where nothing disturbs, where no dark clouds are. You feel happiness inside while the warm sun-beams are touching you. Don’t be afraid and let this sunshine go into your heart – the clouds of the mind will vanish, slowly fade, and makes space for the light to go deep within you driving out the darkness. Darkness wants you to stay in darkness – now you say NO! and you say it with the light of your heart, my dear friend – be a warrior of light.

    Hugs and love

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