Grim Reaper

Once again there is a fork in the road

Do I follow the path of comfort

Or do I stray down the darker path

The one that brings me back

The one that starts the cycle

Of pain and the longing for death

So many faces of people who once were

I barely remember them now

They just became a part of the darkness

That beckons me back

It is the same darkness

He will always be there

The grim reaper of my soul

Reminding me I lost it long ago


10 thoughts on “Grim Reaper

  1. My dear friend,

    Where darkness is there is also light on the other side – darkness indeed is only one way and most of us go through the dark side of our mind, even without being aware of it, even when we think life gives us pleasure in fulfilling our wishing – real happiness is not dependent on money or wishes – it is when entering the real side, which is love, light, and real life. To sit sometimes in the abyss of our life may also have an advantage when someday we come out of it and bring with it understanding, respect, and pearls of wisdom, humiliation with us, then all this what we went through turns into a golden light and dresses us in consciousness. All the opposites are there to learn from and enter higher realms in us – in the end: all is One, nothing separated.

    So I wish you a shower of love and grace, my dear friend that finally a new morning, with a strong and bright sun, will embrace you.

    From heart to heart and big hugs

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