I exist in my own hell

A busted broken shell

I break everyday

Nothing takes the pain away

There is no song that brings lasting peace

There is no wind on my face

There is no ground to walk on

There is nothing anyone can say

Because they all walk away

I wish I did not exist

But here I am

Living this life of pain

I will never be the same

I cannot fix what they have done

I was created and at the moment

My creators have won

I no longer see the beauty of the sun

I no longer see a blue sky

In this moment all I want to

Is die


18 thoughts on “Broken

  1. My dear friend

    You are never alone – their are people also around you who may not have the direct contact, but good thoughts have no distance, they cross even oceans inbetween – let these good thoughts enter your heart and you can feel it, not just the darkness.
    I embrace you in my heart with all good wishes and thoughts.
    Love and light to you

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