Today I question

Everything and everyone

Who am I

Who have I become

I feel so weary

As the anxiety

Brings me down

I feel so lost

I do not want to be found

I do not want to be consumed

By the pain that loneliness brings

By the fire that burns in my chest

I just want peace

I just want to rest


15 thoughts on “Today

  1. My dear friend

    These days I was thinking of you and I was also worried about you as I did not hear anything from you for some time. I wish and pray that you may find your inner peace and balance, dear friend that you can feel love and light again and that you can see the small things in life again which are so beautiful when having a closer look at them, that the sun-beams go through your eyes, the windows of your soul to bring light in your innermost being, that you may have joy and in your heart again and that at the end of a dark tunnel light may embrace you again.

    Hugs from my heart to yours

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