The setting sun

I love you and I hate you

This I know is true

You left me slowly dying

Like so many have done before

I screamed your name

As you walked through the door

There is nothing left

Of the person I was before

You are one of many

Yet you have left your own scar

The chunk you ripped was the last

Of a girl that has passed

Her death was grieved by no one

The shell that remains of me

Looks at the setting sun

I find resolve in who I have become

But I will never forget what you have done


5 thoughts on “The setting sun

  1. My dear friend,

    That you can never forget what he has done to you is also at the same time your biggest hinderance to come to terms with yourself – let go past, my friend and put your attention in the Now, in the present that will help you for a new start. Try to enjoy the small things of life that life offers you daily. Also in the Bible we have: “Forgive and forget…” It will help alleviate the pain of your heart. Detach from the past and slowly slowly you win back your old strength. May a better morning come to you and sit in your heart with sunshine.

    All good wishes and hugs from my heart

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