Finding myself again

When all is lost I look inward 

Finding myself again 

Nothing has gone as planned 

Yet I still stand 

With my head high 

As the world looks smaller below 

I look to the sky 


15 thoughts on “Finding myself again

  1. I really enjoyed this. Sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, or I am in utter dread of something, I remember that Earth is a small speck of dust, suspended in a sunbeam. I have connected that to your poem. I think about this idea often, and it comforts me, and lets me reflect.

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      • Amazing! As a want-to-be writer, I sit down to write with certain motivations. I experience a sense of release, because I put whatever I am feeling into the piece. I hope that the reader experiences the sense of release of the emotions as well; I write for them. My main motivation is to have empathy with the reader. I relate very much to what you said!

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      • I will check out your work when I am able to. I also feel a sense of release when I write, and I am very honest. This is why so many of them are as dark as they are. These are the struggles and feelings I have faced. I hope that when I rise and fight my battles that this helps you in some way as well. Thank you so much for your kind words. Peace to you my new friend.

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