From deep within 

I try to find peace in the sound 

As the waterfall hits the ground

Letting my worries fade away 

As I slip away from my day 

I no longer care 

About the sorrows of yesterday 

I no longer see a future 

Planned before me 

What I do know 

Is that life is not a sure path 

It will derail 

It will go off track 

So far my path has led me here 

To a place where I have no fear 

Strength has grown 

It has hardened my heart 

Strength has grown 

It has made me smarter

I have lost hope 

I have gained it back 

One thing I know is that nothing is certain 

Nothing is set in stone 

One day you can be comfortable 

One day you can lose your home 

All I do is fight 

This is what I do 

No matter what I face 

I will always make it through 

Because I have no choice you see

For all of the sorrow and all of the pain

I cannot see the loss 

I need to see the gain 

Each scar I wear underneath 

Forms the layers under my skin 

This is where I fight 

From deep within 


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