I rise 

Once again I rise with hope in my heart 

That today will be better than yesterday 

That I will not fall into despair 

That I will not long for sleep 

That I will not pray for peace 

I may be lost 

I may be broken 

I may have lost the words to say 

Words I have already spoken 

Yet I am still here 

I am still here breathing 

I am still here fighting 

I have risen again my friend 

I will fight until I exhale my last breath 

I will fight until there is nothing left 

10 thoughts on “I rise 

  1. My dear friend,

    These are the right thougts, positive thoughts – to detach from the past and even from the future and live in the presence. Positive thoughts will bear fruit – your words, your actions will also become positive.

    Much courage and love to you

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