I fight for the broken 

I am busted, broken, and alone 

There was a time I was softly spoken 

Drawn inside my own world

This is when I saw too much

Fearing the wrath of his touch 

Waiting for the stars to shine

The stars were the only thing that were mine 

I never spoke about my fears

Instead I suffered in silence for a few years 

Waiting for a nightmare to end 

Then I realized it would not stop 

That’s when I stripped myself of who I was 

Numbed myself until I could no longer feel

Sometimes I saw myself fly through the darkness of the night 

Where I was there was no comfort 

There was no light 

There is nothing worse than being alone 

Wandering throughout life without a home 

The pain of loneliness burns so deep 

All I longed for is eternal sleep 

In the end I know I will fight 

Not for myself but for what is right 

If no one will help me I will fight alone 

I fight for children without a home

I fight for the broken that no one wants to see 

I fight for them because they should not suffer for someone else’s shame 

I fight for them because I have felt their pain 

This is what gives me the strength to live 

With each breath I will carry on 

I will give them all that I have to give 

Because no one deserves to suffer in silence 

No one deserves to feel such pain 

With each heartbeat 

With each breath 

I will fight for them 

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