Lost to this world 

I saw her cry 

Broken she wept 

Lost to this world 

Alone she sits 

Wondering why 

She can’t just float away 

Like a feather in the sky 

Instead she is here

Stuck in her own skin

Year after year 

Living in fear 

Wondering why 

She is stuck in this place 

Wondering what she must face 

Alone she screams on the inside 

Fearing her fate 

Knowing he lied 

Not filled with hate

Just filled with sorrow 

Lost to this world 

She sees no tomorrow 

Maybe someone will find her 

Maybe someone will see 

What is on the inside 

Maybe she will find some peace 

When the light shines down from the night 

I can see in her eyes 

She is determined to fight 

She will not stop until she has won 

She will never forget what you have done 


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