Hold on

In the end what really matters 

Is that you find the one you need 

Hold onto him and do not let go 

Do not run too fast 

Do not run too slow

Just hold on to him 

Do not let the world dissuade you 

Do not let others hold you back 

Do not let obstacles block you 

Keep your head high and stay on track 

The only thing that you really need to know 

Is that love is the meaning of life 

Finding love is a gift 

A gift worth fighting for 

I will hold onto mine 

I will cherish him until the end of time


9 thoughts on “Hold on

  1. Loving this poem, as with all of your works of total beauty and art Nyx! Would be really cool to see you publish a book!

    I aim to also 🙂

    Maybe we could do a collab of some sort! One of the, if not, the oldest and closest WordPress friend I have, who also happens to write the bestest of poetry (bestest isn’t a word but does fit!) 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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