Before it’s too late

No one wants to see the things

They think they are not strong enough to face

That is what is wrong with us

This is a weakness of the human race

Why can’t we look upon the things

We do not want to see

Is it because it is easier to ignore atrocities

This weakness is proven time and again

Our history has shown

You would think that this would show us

You would think we would have grown

Instead we sit and look the other way

When hate is splashed across the news

I don’t care what you believe in

I don’t care about your views

Can’t we all agree that racism is wrong

Haven’t we gotten passed this point

Look at the world around you

Are you going to just ignore

The examples being set for us

What will it take for us to fight for ourselves again

I hope that people start to pay attention to our world

Before it’s too late

12 thoughts on “Before it’s too late

  1. I know this sounds all sci fi kind of kooky, but it will take some future concrete threat to the existence of all humanity for we dominent species knuckleheads on this planet to put aside our petty differences and finally unite to fight off the threat…

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