Beyond my broken world

When all is lost 

I find hope in you 

This person who exists 

Beyond my broken world 

2 thoughts on “Beyond my broken world

  1. Dear friend,

    When hurricans smash down your house
    Your beloved home
    Garden of your life
    Then roll up your sleeves
    To build a new home
    As that awful night
    Has passed
    Made space
    For a new morning
    Dawn of our heart

    Build it strongly
    With the bricks
    Of your courage
    With your eyes
    Look forward
    Not backwards

    You then may live
    In a fortress
    And nothing and noone
    Can destroy it anymore
    Even when a new messenger of love
    Will arrive to your new home
    Take a sit in your heart…

    Have sunshine in your heart, dear friend
    and a nice weekend to you

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