One of the damned 

I hear music in my head

Repeating round and round

It soothes me when I hurt inside

It soothes me when I’m down

I wish I wasn’t the way that I am

But there is nothing I can do

Sometimes I think I torture myself on purpose

Just to prove that there is nothing I cannot live through

But this is who I am

Forever walking alone

This is who I am

An abandoned soul who walks the world

This is who I am

I am one of the damned


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9 thoughts on “One of the damned 

  1. I have literally flagged this poetry in my email account. This poem describes me. This poem for me is like my reflection. So relatable!
    Keep Writing!

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  2. Dear friend,

    We come in this world alone and we leave again this world alone, well – if I add another l to alone we have allone, all-one, so we are unique alone and connected with all at the same time, all one. Often I think how it is possible that I am aware of myself, like the self-consciousness and then I think that all the other people must have the same self-consciousness, feeling themselves alone and separated – I believe that this Self-Consciousness is the essence of God, because we are all part of Him, drops of the ocean almighty and a kind of collective consciousness, maybe in our case still connected in sub-consciousness thats why we have synchronities, telepathies – and in the end there is only ONE – I believe our life is like a dream, or even an illusion from which we have to awake consciously, to see that we are all one that we all have our place in Him, the only doer. Lately I wrote: The shadow thinks it is moving but it is the light that moves the shadow… in reality nothing else is existing than God, the One

    Have sunshine in your heart
    A big hug

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