Darkness always has an answer

“Darkness can you see me?”

“Can you feel the pain you cause?”

“Darkness why do you follow me?”

“Why wont you go away?”   Nyx


“I will never leave you, don’t you know by now?”

“I will never leave you my darling, my dear.”

“I will eat you until there is nothing left”

“Suck out your soul until your last breath”

“Here I am my darling”

“Waiting for you to see”

“That I will sit here waiting until you come to me”  Darkness

© Nyx0519

8 thoughts on “Darkness always has an answer

  1. The only thing that can remove darkness, is light.
    whatever that light is, one has to always be in search of it.
    the late great poet, Rumi said ‘Whatever you are searching, is also searching you’

    i hope you are well:)

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