The Universe

As I wake up and live my life

I always wonder what I could miss

One decision made differently…what could this change

Could another connection be found…just by turning my car around

As I venture through the day are events random or is the universe pushing us this way

Pushing us in a direction we are meant to follow

Toward a path we are meant to walk

If this is true why do I feel so hollow

Why do I feel so alone

I hope I make the right choices…I hope I make the right mistakes

I want my path to lead me to my heart and my home

25 thoughts on “The Universe

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  2. These questions drove me nuts. I started just flipping my perspective upside down. Every mistake I made taught me a lesson that brought me here and every thing I smiled at brought me to here. Here, right now, I am happy…then I got sad again, and I realized that happiness never left me. I bet you already know that though…you’re the lioness ❤

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      • When you see your nature, you see it…if that makes sense? Your biggest struggle is your greatest strength. Mine has always been balance. Every minor BLIP in balance has sent me absolutely nutso… I don’t know if that means anything to you, but that meant the world to me. But like, the thing is, women… we are all lions, we are all warriors, we are everything that we were told we aren’t. When I read you poetry, I feel the beastly beauty…

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  3. so beautiful. ❤ Sometimes when I follow my heart, it does feel lonely. But I’m finding that the connections with just one passerby.. one treasure… one little poem on this path is so tender that it well makes up for it…
    Blessings — Laurie

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