Quick Sand

How do you fix a miserable person

Misery I should have seen all along

The misery brings me down into this pit of despair

I can’t take it anymore…I just want to escape

I feel trapped in a cage and no one has the key

I feel myself sinking into sand…I can barely see

Someone please pull me out…I don’t know what to do

I was so happy and now I am so sad

I walk the world alone and yet I have these strings

These strings pulling me down in the quick sand

Please someone reach out and give me your hand

14 thoughts on “Quick Sand

  1. I may write this a lot. But there is no other clearer way to put it. So deep, so clear and beautiful but also heart wrenching.

    Think these poems are important to help people understand, to promote understanding of the pain of others.

    I think it’s through kindness and understanding that people can help others.

    Despite what a hurtful person once said to me that you can’t help others without being fine yourself. That is wrong, waiting to be fine before helping others means waiting over a lifetime. I see that they are wrong and try to understand and help anyone and everyone I can. Such a beautiful poem. ❤️

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