In your arms 

I don’t want to feel alone 

I want to find a home 

A place I can stay forever 

In the arms of someone I love

In the arms of the person who will hold me and keep me safe 

The person who will stand beside me and give me faith 

Faith that I do have a home 

Faith in the thought that I will someday no longer be alone 

20 thoughts on “In your arms 

  1. Another amazing poem, just wrote a poem right now, reluctant to post it to bring down the mood for Xmas, as I am enjoying being around family. But also at the same time sad.

    This poem reminds me of my poem, along the same lines but about scars left when those close leave you. Will post it after Xmas I guess.

    Another great work of art!! Please keep it up I love reading your work!

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