I have to wonder

Who really cares whether I come or go

I keep a distance so I don’t show

What I can guarantee no one wants to know

So superficial is my smile

You don’t really want to see

What’s hidden inside of me

I just want to be free…from you…from myself…from the constraints of this life…

Yet I continue as I do

Continue as I will forever


25 thoughts on “Alone 

  1. OMG another amazing poem, I love this too! Felt like this, it’s painful it’s dark.

    But please remember, you may feel alone, but you aren’t, anytime you feel this way I’d be happy to message to chat or whatever.

    I know what it feels like and feel the same regularly. I don’t want anyone to feel alone in this. I’ll be there for a chat 🙂

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  2. Wasn’t sure 100% how I should interpret this until I saw that you have 2 cats. Then I thought, well everything is all good. Seriously we are all alone. No one knows anyone completely, just impossible. So on some level regardless of the situation we all alone. We definitely experiencing thing personally even within a group. So maybe being alone is really due to the nature by which we’ve been built to experience life. You can share an experience, but you can’t share someone else’s processing of the experience. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this one.

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