Darkness and the game

Darkness lingers in the corners of my mind

He waits for my thoughts to stay still…he waits for me to feel him near

He waits for the calm…then slithers his way in

Darkness tries to find a way to make me feel fear

That will never happen I say to him, unless you hurt the ones I hold dear

Darkness is evil…Darkness is not kind

He pulls on my heart… He pulls on my soul…

He takes away my hopes…my dreams…he burrows until I am no longer whole

I knew you would return my Darkness

Here we go again

I feel the pain…it cuts so deep…

Darkness I say… Why do you cause me such pain

Darkness never answers you see

He just stares and waits for me

Once again I face him…with great pain in my heart

How I wish I never knew him…how I wish this didn’t start

I just keep pushing forward…I watch as he slithers back from where he came

I was ready for him this time… You see I know how to play his game

17 thoughts on “Darkness and the game

  1. I’m controlled. Mostly, I’m calm and things don’t phase me. But some things cannot be allowed. Should not be allowed to flourish. Must be ripped out, root and branch. I hope that doesn’t make you think less of me.

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