I exist within this cloud of darkness

I have to keep my mind busy to stay sane

My past comes back to haunt me

The darkness brings the pain

The darkness surrounds me, but I push it apart

If I didn’t keep pushing

It would rip out my heart

To truly look at darkness

To truly look at pain

This would completely destroy me

Make me insane

I do not want to be haunted by the past

So I keep moving forward

I continue on

If I look too closely at the darkness

All that’s left of me will be gone

16 thoughts on “Haunted 

  1. Wonderful piece of work. The past is gone though and can’t be changed.Leave it there, move on, live in each moment. Know that there were lessons there to be learnt. Know that you are still amazing and your very existence is a miracle. Find the self love and you will find the light. Life is for living and experiencing not for regretting. Accept your past, forgive yourself and others for the past then close that door knowing you have learnt from it.

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