My Achilles Heel

Mother how you haunt me when I think of the past

You gave me a few moments of kindness

But those moments would never last

I can still hear your harsh words, when I think of you

I am grateful that even then, I knew they were untrue

I used to think I needed you, but I was wrong

I used to think you hated me, and this I think was true

You never gave me what I needed, even though I asked nothing of you

You delighted in my pain and misery, that is what you did

It didn’t matter to you how young I was, or that I was your kid

Misery loves company they say, and this rings true

Misery pulls you down into muck that you cannot pull yourself back through

You held my ankles and pulled me down through the dirt

It took everything I had in me to break from your grasp

Those fleeting moments in the dirt were not meant to last

Because I’m a fighter so I kicked myself free

There was nothing you could ever do to stop me

You are my Achilles heel, my weakness … that is what you are

For the rest of my life, and until my last breath

My heel will carry the scar that you left

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