Inside out

I feel like a blank slate

Not filled with anger

Not filled with hate

Just numb from the inside out

I try to run

But I can’t escape my fate

What have I done

It is already too late


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My heart breaks

My heart breaks

As my world is shaken

By the pain of someone else

My heart breaks

And my heart rate rises

When I feel the fear

My heart breaks

And I become numb

When I realize what I have done

Our pain is not separate

We are one


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Slipping Away

At this moment I care about nothing

I fall into the darkness willingly

Waiting for the arms of my darkness to embrace me

I feel myself slip away from this world and fall into his

In the end he is always there

Waiting for me to see, that there is no one else

Just him and me


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The Toll

Today I look for peace

In the valley that holds my soul

Darkness came and placed it there…just out of my reach

He knew the longer I waited…the greater the toll

My feelings leave me as I leave myself

I am numb…I no longer care

Who fought and won or if I was even there

But this is how it goes sometimes

When darkness comes and claims he is mine

I will fight him again tomorrow

For now we walk together.. the two of us.. entwined


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I wake up and I live

I wake up and give

What’s left of what I have inside

The darkness took a chunk of who I am

I can no longer pretend to be whole when I am not

I may have missing pieces but I have not forgotten

That sometimes a person is just born rotten

Want to 

I want to stay numb today

I want to be free of myself

I want to be free of you

I want to be able to keep this feeling of apathy

I want  to be able to break free from the core

I want to find peace

I want to find my forever home