Darkness and the night

Darkness will follow me

Wherever I go

When I am alone

This is when I know

I can feel it

He is coming

There he is as the light flickers out

He looks at me and shakes his head

Darling girl why are you still not dead

Haven’t you learned anything yet

This suffering and pain

I will never let you forget

I will make you feel it

Until you cannot breathe

As you gasp for air

I will bring you there

To the cycle of hell that is your life

Don’t you long for it to end

Come with me my dear

I can make it stop

You have nothing to fear

Just take my hand and we will go

Into the darkness of the night

I take his hand

There is nothing left for me here

Nothing left for me to know

As we walk I feel my heartbeat slow

I feel myself as I start to fade

Off together we both go

Me and the only friend I know


13 thoughts on “Darkness and the night

  1. My dear friend

    The friend of darkness, the angel of death, is in reality our enemy – and lives in our mind – while it is night – the sun is not away, even in day-time, when it is cloudy – the sun is still there – with our longing for this light, night we gradually pass and a release a new day in bright light – our own mind kidnaps us, convinces us, is like the Odysseus’ sirens, tempting and seducing us to enter the realm of the dead, Hades – do not listen to it, dear friend and focus on the light that is even in you, search for this light and night will have gone once for all…

    Love and hugs to you, my friend – never give up…

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