I exist within this cloud of darkness

I have to keep my mind busy to stay sane

My past comes back to haunt me

The darkness brings the pain

The darkness surrounds me, but I push it apart

If I didn’t keep pushing

It would rip out my heart

To truly look at darkness

To truly look at pain

This would completely destroy me

Make me insane

I do not want to be haunted by the past

So I keep moving forward

I continue on

If I look too closely at the darkness

All that’s left of me will be gone


Poets bleed deeper than the rest

Life is seen with more meaning

Seen through eyes with a deeper soul

Eyes that see more than you know

I have 


I have known happiness

I have known pain

I have known sorrow

I have known fear

I have laughed in the light

I have smiled in the dark

I have learned to accept my flaws

I have learned to love myself

Procrastination of a little person

Yeah so I procrastinate

Don’t hate

Don’t give up hope


We are all connected

All of us someway

It doesn’t matter what or who you believe in

There is something that all of us share

In our hearts deep down we all care…

About something or someone

Even the people we see as monsters care about something

Deep down there is a heart in everyone

Even the people who have hurt you

There are hopes and dreams in all of us

Don’t give up on them…don’t give up hope…

Believe me when I say these words…I know they are true

Someday you will get there…as long as you don’t stop believing in you

People come and people go


People come and people go

Watch the world if you take a second..

Watch the clouds so beautiful and slow

I think of time…It goes so fast

People come and people go

Most of my relationships become dust in the wind

This is the world that I live in

It’s sad that I have become this way

It’s sad that I have become so closed off

People come and people go

They care in the beginning…they see the outside of me…but they don’t know the feeling buried within…

The loyalty I have weakens and dies

Because they show deceit and lies

My apathy and indifference continues to grow

Because after that time…so beautiful and slow…

After they know…they let me go

Return of darkness 


I wait for the sun to set

I wait for the moon to rise

My friend has come for me

He leads me to my demise

I stop and look at him…I stare into his eyes

Not today old friend… it’s you I despise

Give me back my life I say

Will it ever stop…

He continues on the path

He leaves me where I stand

I feel so lonely.. so lonely today

That is why he came…so this is what I say

I’ll see you again soon my friend…

Just not again today

Miss the time

None of my family today

This is how it’s been for a while

I miss the time before

When I thought it wasn’t real

I miss the time before I started to feel



Listen as the raindrops fall

Breathe in the air

Enjoy each moment that you have

We have no time to spare

I am reminded of my mortality everyday

People clinging onto life

They cherish their last moments…longing to stay

In a blink a day turns into a year

This is why my mortality brings me fear

So I listen as the raindrops fall

And I breathe in the air

Don’t listen

Shadows can take form and take shape

Into a monster filled with hate

Don’t listen to it for all it speaks is lies

Don’t listen to it in it’s disguise

It acts like it loves you, but this is untrue

It holds your heart in it’s hands then it pushes right through

It’s evil words will stay hidden in your mind

They will remain throughout the passing of time

Keep fighting past the dark until you see the light

No matter what happens don’t give up on the fight