There are so many things

That we just do not know

What tomorrow will bring

How today will go

It is comforting to see

That you have each other

I truly want to believe

That we have a destiny

That you were meant to find each other

That things are the way they were meant to be

All I know for sure

Is that I see love in both of your eyes

I wish you nothing but happiness and love


In your arms 

I lay here wishing I could be 

In your arms my love 

Forever wrapped around each other 

With nights filled with kisses 

And the warmth of your embrace 

When I look in your eyes

I see your love reflect back upon my face 

My love I am so grateful 

Every time I look in your eyes

Every time I feel your arms around me 

Every time you see the pain 

And softly speak my name 

I will keep on wishing 

Until you come back to me 

In your arms is the only place 

I ever long to be 


Goodbye to yesterday 

In this life so much is uncertain 

So much is unseen 

There is so much doubt 

One thing I do know 

Is that love is real 

I know it when I look in your eyes

I know it when I hear your voice 

I know it when I feel myself 

Being pulled toward you with a force I can not stop 

A force I can not control 

A force so strong that nothing can keep me from you 

There is no doubt 

There is no fear 

There is only love 

Love that I know will only continue to grow

Night after night 

Year after year 

When my heart races I know yours does the same 

When I am in pain I hear you scream my name 

Because you are my other half

The other side of my soul 

Now I know what it feels like to be whole

Now I know what it feels like to have no doubt or fear 

Because I have found you my love 

Because I have found you my dear 

I will hold your hand in mine as we walk together this way 

Together we step in sync as we say goodbye to yesterday 

His eyes 

We loved with a love 

Beyond this world 

A sensation that cannot be described 

Every time I see his eyes

I see myself in them 

Every time I see his eyes I realize 

He has the power to fulfill or destroy me


More than love

When you leave

You take half of me with you

I have to shut down

To ease the pain

The other half cannot exist

Without the part that keeps me sane

If I was not me

I wouldn’t believe

That this could exist

Only those who have felt it

Only those who could not resist

Could begin to understand

That what we have is not a laid out structure

It is breathable, bendable, and shapes like sand

What we have is beyond words, beyond opinions, beyond belief

What we have is more than love

You have become the light in my darkest hour

You have become the thunder before the rain

You are the silence when the world roars

You are the peace I feel when I need it most

You are my everything; that is what you are

No matter how close, no matter how far

This I know with all my heart is true

The only thing I will ever need in this life is you


Image Source: https://fotogrimsi.tumblr.com

Becoming One

We look up to the moon together

Two halves of a whole

Wrapped up in each other

Becoming one heart

One Mind

One Soul

Pieced together as we were meant to be

Underneath the stars

With you standing beside me


Image Source: http://chelsieautumn.tumblr.com


The person who holds my heart 

Without moving toward the things that bring you happiness

Where does that leave you

Without moving toward the direction of your heart

Where do you go

Without following your dreams

What is the point of dreaming

I refuse to slow down

Because I have found

The person who holds my heart


My today and my tomorrow

I look at her and feel love bloom in my chest

She is all I will ever need, all I will ever want

With her hand in mine my soul is at rest

With her eyes on me nothing else matters

With her smile I see the sunshine

When she looks at me I know she is mine

She will be my today and my tomorrow

I will wipe away her tears and take away her sorrow

Come with me my love and you will see

What it feels like to be adored by me



Image Source http://forgettingisforgiving.tumblr.com

Maybe I will open my heart

I want a love that will surpass a lifetime

A love that will continue to grow

I want compassion and understanding

I want to feel it, I want to know

That true love does exist

That there is hope for this need of mine

That there is a form of love that no one can define

Maybe I will find it

Maybe this person will suddenly appear

Maybe I will open my heart

So someone can take away my fear


© Nyx0519

Image Source: http://the-cuddling.com


Beauty and Grace

She has such beauty 

She has such grace 

When I see her she makes my heart race 

What I wouldn’t do to win her heart 

If she took my hand I would never let her go

Oh my darling I just need you to know 

That my love for you will only continue to grow 


© Nyx0519

Image Source http://shyone740.tumblr.com