My Sun Light

I hate you and I love you

This image from my past

But a love so fierce and strong

Was never meant to last

You pulled me toward perfection

But only with your eyes

Your words were given with nothing

But false sincerity and lies

You were supposed to be the one

My shining light

My sun


I just edited this poem I wrote a few months ago,  it coincides with More than life, so I figured I would share this as well. 

Peace and Love,


© Nyx0519

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Meant to live for 

I look at her and see only perfection

Everything she does makes me love her more

Her smile, her walk, she is everything I was meant to live for

I will never leave her side

I will never walk away

Maybe someday she will believe the words that I say

Maybe someday she will love me the same way


© Nyx0519

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