I survive that is what I do

I am a survivor, so that is what I do best

Life is never easy, but I take each challenge as it comes

I don’t care what I have to face, or if I will ever get to rest

Keep throwing shit at me

I will keep deflecting it

Someday you will see

That you will never beat me

You may wear me down

You may make me sad

Some days you may feel like you are crushing my soul

Some days you take away my control

But I never fail to fight you back

You may derail me and cause me pain

But I am the one with so much to gain

You give me more strength everyday

By making me continue to fight you

I will never stop, I will never surrender, I will live through you

Because I will survive

That is what I do



A Little person update 

So I updated the poem Agony. Sometimes I re-read my work and feel the need to express it better. Most of the time – I find simplicity to be the key. To everyone who supports my poetry – just know that you rock this party- and I appreciate the hell out of all of you ❤❤😘😘