Never slowing down

As my world spins and spins around me

My thoughts a shattered mess

I stop to think to myself

When is the next test

Waiting for the next battle

Never resting

Never slowing down

I only feel peace

When I listen to the sound

The music soothes my ranting mind

When I am chained and  bound

By everything that crashes through my head

When I think to myself I would be better off dead

When I want to be surrounded by nothing

I find the one thing that makes me feel human

The one thing that is always there

Peace is what I find

When music soothes my mind


Music # 4

Sometimes it feels so good to dance 

To twirl around to the sound 

Of sweet music 

Beautiful music 

To soothe my mind 

I never have 

I never will 

Be brought to this place of beauty 

This place I can move and sway 

Forget about my worries 

Forget about today 

Only with music I can find

My freaking peace of mind 


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Dance away my worry

Dance away my fear

I forget about it all

As I sway to the sound

Finding peace as I swirl around

Each turn

Each sway of my hips

Each spin

Brings me sweet release

Brings me peace


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Music # 3

Today the sun shines

And I try to stay calm

I listen to my favorite song

As I drive along the road

I listen and scream the words

Wishing this moment would last forever

Wishing for something better


© Nyx0519

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It was all taken away 

My whole world changes before my eyes 

Everything again gets swept away 

I need to control what I can 

Because there is so little that is mine 

So many things are changing

Places I live…people I meet…people I love 

What I can control I need to or I will lose my mind 

I need to find a foundation 

Something to hold me steady before I fall…

So hear I am listening to music as it flows and soothes my soul 

Without it there to calm me I would never gain control 


Free Fall

There it is again

The calm that slows my beating heart

I am so grateful for the sound of music as it soothes my soul

It fills the void… the sinking growing black hole

Today it’s Tom Petty that makes me smile

Telling me to free fall out into nothing

To jump and leave this world for a while



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Music as my solace

When I feel the panic rise

I listen for the sound

It helps me feel peace

It calms me down

My sweet music I would be lost without you

I could never escape

This anxiety that grips me

Like a freaking earth quake

It shatters me to the core

Makes my heart race

With music as my solace

There is nothing I cannot face

Music # 2

My mind races

As my heart paces

My thoughts a jumbled mess

I try to still my mind…try not to think about the stress

I need my music…I need to sing

This is my solace…my music…my voice

I feel trapped…I feel contained

I want someone to release me

I am so grateful for the sound and the passion that music brings

In this moment I am free

Lose myself to music

Lose yourself in the music

Lose yourself to the sound

Words flow through your mind

Words that are not bound…

By anything other than thought and emotion

So soothing are the words…the notes high and low

Expression that is given more through sounds of harmony…then words alone

Once again I lose myself to the music

Once again my peace has been found


Pink Floyd

Listening to Pink Floyd…

Helps me fill the void…

Brings me peace when I’m held down…

I just listen to the sound…

It’s here when I am lost that I can be found