Echo in my mind 

There is an echo in my mind 

It’s pulled from space and surpasses time 

It tells me that I have a purpose in my life 

It tells me that I am not alone in my strife 

My battle between the darkness and the light 

Is one fought by many each day and each night 

Keep fighting for happiness and love my friends 

That’s all that really matters in the end 


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The light has dawned again

The light has dawned again

A new day has come

I hate that I am reminded sometimes where I come from

Once again I bring myself out of that dark place

Once again I stand up and look past that face

Leave me alone darkness

I swear you will never win

Stay where you belong… live your own life of sin

Shades of grey 

I dream in black and white

I dream in shades of grey

I let anger course through my veins

But sometimes certain words aren’t kind to say

I have a heart filled with love…not with hate

But sometimes anger pushes forward…but before it’s too late…I find myself again

The world is not so black and white

The world is not in shades of grey

The world is full of color

That shines with every passing day