We can pretend

We can pretend

That it is ok

We can pretend

That words do not matter

Deep down everyone knows

That this is not true


Stupid Stairs

As the rocks crumple

As the rocks crumple beneath my feet

As the sun sets

I try to keep the darkness out of my head

But he always finds a way in

Like a serpent he latches on and then burrows within

No matter what I say or do

He never gives up, he always breaks through

Once again I have accepted my darkness as part of who I have become

Maybe I am better off embracing him now

Better off then I was when I was running away from where I come from


Image Source http://abduction.ml


Off course

She was like a train

Grinding on the track

One day the train went off course

There was no turning back


© Nyx0519