This is not the end

Today I feel so lost

I used to be so sure of my direction

Where I was going

Who I was

Who I wanted to be

Now I feel myself grow tired

Of the frustration each day brings

Wondering what is happening to me

Feeling this lack of security

It is tearing me apart

Indecision clouds my mind

As I feel time slipping away

I feel myself falling

A little more each day

I do not know what to do

I do not know where to go

I will try to find some peace

I will try to find myself again

I do not want to feel this way

This is not the end


Leave me where I stand 

As the sun rises

As the sun sets

Darkness stands beside me

Placing bets

Will she join me

Will she walk away

I look at him and see the agony in the dark

I let go of his hand

Not today darkness

Leave me where I stand


No one

There was a girl 

She was happy 

She was free

No one noticed 

When someone changed her destiny 

No one noticed 

When her smile turned into a frown 

No one noticed

That her head started to look down 

No one listened when she needed ears 

She was left alone, buried within herself 

Buried within her fears 

In the end 

Your past becomes a fog within you 

Underneath the skin 

I have become such a damaged thing 

Like a bird with a broken wing

I walk this world alone 

Broken but yet I move 

The only thing that drives me 

This broken busted thing 

Is that I refuse to give up

I refuse to let you fuckers win 

Bring the lies and the pain 

Give me all you’ve got 

I can take it all you mother fuckers

In the end I will still be standing 

In the end I will still be here 

In the end I am the one 

You are going to fucking fear 


All that is left of me 

And hell will follow me

Wherever I go

Such is this life

This I just know

I will race ahead

Leave it behind

But if I stumble

If it catches me

Darkness is nothing

Compared to this agony

It will follow

But I will not look back

I will not stumble

I will stay on track

I have no choice

I used my voice

There is no turning around

Just each step forward

As I push from the ground

Look ahead not behind you

Or fear will blind you

If you love me you will see

All I ever was, and all that is left of me

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Just like that

My hope can fall

The higher my hope is

The farther the drop

Fear can paralyze me

Fear can make my heart stop



My heart breaks

My heart breaks

As my world is shaken

By the pain of someone else

My heart breaks

And my heart rate rises

When I feel the fear

My heart breaks

And I become numb

When I realize what I have done

Our pain is not separate

We are one


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Listen as the raindrops fall

Breathe in the air

Enjoy each moment that you have

We have no time to spare

I am reminded of my mortality everyday

People clinging onto life

They cherish their last moments…longing to stay

In a blink a day turns into a year

This is why my mortality brings me fear

So I listen as the raindrops fall

And I breathe in the air

Tick Tock

I find peace in the night

Hearing the sound of the clock

Sitting alone in the candlelight

Letting my thoughts race around in my head

Thinking about the sound of seconds in time

Forgetting most of the things I said

Telling myself that I am fine….

Minutes turn into days

Days turn into years

Tick tock sounds the clock

Tick tock… echo’s the sound of my fears