Through the door

I sit here feeling my chest cave in
Wondering why everything is a fight
When I think it will begin
When I know that something is right
The door is slammed in my face
Why can’t I just erase
The things that keep me from you
Why can’t I just escape from this cage
What else do I need to go through
To get through the door
What else do I need to go through
To get to you


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The other half of my soul

My thoughts are lost 

I think of only you 

You became a part of me 

The first time I saw your face 

I knew I found the one that day

As I felt myself become whole 

It saw in your eyes what I was missing 

The other half of my soul


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Never Ending Love

For however long I lay here

I stare up at the sky 

I dream about never ending love 

I dream of you and I 

I think about everything else 

It blends away into nothing 

My love, I want to tell you something 

No matter what happens now 

No matter what happened before 

No matter how much we feel pain 

My love for you will be your constant

My love for you will always remain 


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The Dark 

She reaches out for the fire as it gently calls to her 

She doesn’t feel the pain as it burns 

She is too busy thinking about how the world turns 

Into a place filled with monsters in the dark

The flame is her comfort…she won’t put out the spark 

Late at night as I dream 

I hear her scream


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Dreams # 2

Some days I want more than others for my dreams to be real 

Here I sit and ponder what I will do when I can…

Take off and see the world 

Then decide where I land 



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The wind blows across my face I feel the peace of nature all around me 

It calms me down and soothes my soul

The world is so beautiful if you take a moment to look around you 

I tilt my head up to the sky 

I daydream about you and I 


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