I am just a dreamer

I am just a dreamer 

Looking for beauty in everything I see

Especially the people around me 

There is something I am missing 

Something I have not found

In the meantime I live within these dreams

Of different places and different faces 

Of valleys, rivers, and streams 

Ancient and modern cities with people everywhere

Learning the way they live and how they get from here to there

This is where I go when life drags me down 

This is where a path lies ahead waiting for me

My dreams will show me the way to my destiny


© Nyx0519

Image Source http://wassupkris.eu/tagged/new

The First Storm

Life can change everything

In the blink of an eye

A storm you cannot escape

With no reason why

I push through the storm, and find the sea

That’s where my destiny awaits me

I wrote this a few months ago. Thought I would share since it is the first. 


Image source  https://I-wildest-dreams.tmblr.com