Thicker Skin

I wake up today again with hope

That I will make it through

Anything that comes at me

As the tide rips through

I have survived so many storms

Each storm has left a scar

These scars left have hardened me

Made my skin thicker than it was before

This is what I say to myself

When I feel I cannot take anymore

That each scar strengthens and hardens

Preparing me for any future chaos

Any future burdens

This is what I say today

That I must believe in myself

That my skin is thicker with each slice of debris

That my skin is thicker with each wave

I must be something more than I was

I must be brave

If I do not progress

Then it was not worth each battle

It was not worth every slice

So once again I say to myself

You can do this today

I will not let the storm sweep me away

I will fight and live through another day




Brave the storm

“ Who is the happier man, he who braved the storm of life or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” Hunter S. Thompson