My home

Seconds pass into minutes

Minutes pass into hours

Hours pass into years

Will I ever really be ok

I have faced my fears

I have seen it all

There is nothing that anyone can do

To stop me today

Time is passing so quickly

Memories are fading away

What I have longed for

I have found

It is my place in this world

I am making my mark

I have been doused in water

But I still carry the spark

The will to save them

The others like me

I will let them see

That they are cared for

I will let them see

The strength I have inside of me

They have always been my home

They are my destiny


Why I exist

Today I felt it all

I shared my tale

Of heartbreak and pain

But I also told them

What it is I fight for

Why I am still here

I have a purpose in this life

That is why I have to live it

Even though I have fallen

Many times before

Even though I will fall again

This i am sure

I will always get back up

Because they need me here

They need someone who can stand up

And take away their fear

They need someone who understands

They need someone to listen

I will be what I need to be for them

That is why I exist

That is who I am


Another place and time

Today I rise with hope

Hoping things will stay this way

Hoping that this time

I will have a hand to hold

There is so much more to me

Then one story to be told

There are many layers

Many scars beneath my skin

If you want to know who I am

The story starts within

I am shaped from betrayal

Pain and many lies

Shaped by those who have come and gone

With no need for goodbyes

If you look at me

I will show you what lies beneath

But only if you take my hand

And wander with me today

Only if you take my hand

And accept me as I am

Broken but still breathing

Mended here and there

I have dreams that keep me going

When it hurts I take myself there

To another place and time

That exists inside my mind

Come with me and you will see

All that is left of me


My next journey

I reflect upon my mind

I am guided into a path

It plunges into shadow

Then slowly guides me into the light

When I am brought into moments

Of complete despair

I remember the strength I have

I regain a feeling of hope

I embark on my journey

My next journey through life

I will find a way

Because this is what I do

I survive


I will win again today 

When I feel defeated

When I want to stay down 

I find the anger 

I find it somehow 

I remember what they have done 

This is why I fight 

This is why I have to will myself to move 

This is why I strive to be better 

Every single day 

This is how I find the strength to tell you 

That I will win again today


Time to feel

We are only a moment

But while we are here 

I will love you my dear 

With all that I am 

With all that I will ever be 

With the best and the worst

Parts of what is left of me 

I will allow myself this time to feel 

To let myself believe that true love is real 


Thicker Skin

I wake up today again with hope

That I will make it through

Anything that comes at me

As the tide rips through

I have survived so many storms

Each storm has left a scar

These scars left have hardened me

Made my skin thicker than it was before

This is what I say to myself

When I feel I cannot take anymore

That each scar strengthens and hardens

Preparing me for any future chaos

Any future burdens

This is what I say today

That I must believe in myself

That my skin is thicker with each slice of debris

That my skin is thicker with each wave

I must be something more than I was

I must be brave

If I do not progress

Then it was not worth each battle

It was not worth every slice

So once again I say to myself

You can do this today

I will not let the storm sweep me away

I will fight and live through another day




Believe in you

I wake up and I fight each day

To make it better than the last

I always have so much to say

My mind spins round so fast

Life is to short you see…to remain in the past

I look to it for introspection…I look to it to see

That there is so much strength inside of me

I guarantee that anyone that understands this… has been here before

If you look inside yourself

You will see that there is more

More to you than what you think…more strength than you see

Trust in yourself and you can make it

Believe in yourself as I believe in me