I will not rest 

Here comes another piece of metal 

Thrown my way 

I raise my shield 

Getting angrier every day 

I will bring justice 

I have no choice 

I do not have a sword 

But I have my mind 

Underestimate me 

Then you will see 

Your fate is sealed 

I will strip your life away 

A little more every day 

You will know what real pain is 

When you feel the fear that justice brings 

I will see it in your eyes 

I will smell it too

When one fears nothing 

They can smell it on you 

I swear to you I will fight 

With everything I have 

With everything that is left of me 

I will bring all of you down 

You will pay for what you have done 

I will not rest until I have won 


I will win again today 

When I feel defeated

When I want to stay down 

I find the anger 

I find it somehow 

I remember what they have done 

This is why I fight 

This is why I have to will myself to move 

This is why I strive to be better 

Every single day 

This is how I find the strength to tell you 

That I will win again today


No more tears today 

At this moment I trust no one 

At this moment my hope in others is gone 

I feel no joy in the company that I keep 

My heart has been ripped open

By all of the promises that have been broken

I shed no more tears today 

I have said all there is to say 

I have lost something I once had 

I no longer have the ability to retain an emotion 

I don’t even know what sadness feels like anymore 

All I know is agony 

Then I feel the apathy

Then I feel the rage 

This is all I have left 


Jackal with a latch 

I wake up and I wait to see 

Where these next few steps will take me

I am walking away from the life I lived before 

To walk alone again once more 

There are no serpents in the grass 

Just a jackal with a latch 

I must be careful as I make my move 

I must brace myself and keep my head held high 

Today is the first day of my official good bye 


Fu** you 

Wow does it suck when people disappoint you

But you know what’s worse…when your the idiot who continues to let them do it

So today I say fuc* your indifference

Fuc* my idiocy and fuc* you

Shut up

Watch the blood drip on the floor

Look for the lock on the door

I fear his anger more than blood 

I’d rather see the truth than hear the lies 

Don’t say your sorry when you don’t mean it

You see that speck 

Get over there and clean it 

Perfection on the outside destruction within 

Do you know what it is like to live in sin 

Until you have seen disgrace…don’t give me your opinions 

Don’t pretend to know what I have seen 

Don’t tell me what you think I should do 

Just shut the hell up…that’s all I want from you 



When the stress overwhelms me

 I drive out into the cold night

I listen to the soothing sounds of music

Music flows and comforts my jumbled thoughts

Brings back my sanity in pieces

I need this solace…I need this time

Life would be too simple… life would be too bland

If I didn’t have music to pick me up when I’m falling…to give me the strength to get back up…to freaking stand

If I didn’t have music to yell out my thoughts

I’d fall into the depths of darkness…it wouldn’t take me long

thankfully I am currently entranced by this freaking song


photo from http://www.fanpop.com

Don’t feel sorry for me

Don’t feel sorry for me

And don’t you dare judge who I am

I am not a product of my past

I have a spirit that will surpass

All of the bullshit that comes my way

I will do this with each step I take

With each breath

With every mistake

With everything that I do

Don’t feel sorry for me

And don’t you dare judge who I am

I am not one of the damned

I will not diminish in the night

I will never stop fighting for what is right

Throw more at me I dare you

You think you know fear

Well I will scare you

Try to hurt me and I will laugh in your face

Nothing you say will be worse than what I have already faced

True evil does walk in this world

It is not a spirit, a demon, or a mask

Evil walks around in those who hurt others

These are the people you should feel sorry for

These are the people who are lost

These are the people who are damned

Feel sorry for them, don’t feel sorry for me



Push me away with anger

Push me away with pain

Push me away with all you want to say

But what do you have to gain

More anger…more distress.. more frustration at life

Push to far and I might snap

Then I’ll be pushing you back

What makes you so great 

What makes you so great

Your the kind of person that I’d love to hate

Your cocky attitude makes me sick

I just want to punch you in the dick