The power of language

Words hold power in so many cultures

It is called the power of language…

It has been known since people could write…since the beginning of mankind

Don’t ever stop writing…don’t ever stop speaking what you feel

There is power in everything that you write… and in everything that you say


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Don’t feel sorry for me

Don’t feel sorry for me

And don’t you dare judge who I am

I am not a product of my past

I have a spirit that will surpass

All of the bullshit that comes my way

I will do this with each step I take

With each breath

With every mistake

With everything that I do

Don’t feel sorry for me

And don’t you dare judge who I am

I am not one of the damned

I will not diminish in the night

I will never stop fighting for what is right

Throw more at me I dare you

You think you know fear

Well I will scare you

Try to hurt me and I will laugh in your face

Nothing you say will be worse than what I have already faced

True evil does walk in this world

It is not a spirit, a demon, or a mask

Evil walks around in those who hurt others

These are the people you should feel sorry for

These are the people who are lost

These are the people who are damned

Feel sorry for them, don’t feel sorry for me


Don’t give up hope


We are all connected

All of us someway

It doesn’t matter what or who you believe in

There is something that all of us share

In our hearts deep down we all care…

About something or someone

Even the people we see as monsters care about something

Deep down there is a heart in everyone

Even the people who have hurt you

There are hopes and dreams in all of us

Don’t give up on them…don’t give up hope…

Believe me when I say these words…I know they are true

Someday you will get there…as long as you don’t stop believing in you


Don’t be crushed by your need for perfection

Just excel in your need to strive

Stop choking yourself in your own pressure

Push yourself, but don’t take the dive