Becoming One

We look up to the moon together

Two halves of a whole

Wrapped up in each other

Becoming one heart

One Mind

One Soul

Pieced together as we were meant to be

Underneath the stars

With you standing beside me


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First Kiss

You may not realize it, but it’s the little 

things that mean the most 

You may question me and the things I 

say, but deep down you know they are 

Part of you refuses to believe that I am 

real and not a ghost 
Harder still is to believe that you are the 

center of my thoughts 
Well my darling I can assure you I do 

indeed exist 
It’s ok if we both question and 

sometimes pull back and resist 
The truth will be seen when you find me, 

and give me that first kiss


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Stars so clear

I looked up into the sky tonight

The stars so clear they shine so bright

I think to myself how quickly everything changes

This is why I enjoy this moment

The beauty of the night will always remain

It will still be here when I am gone

This image of perfection

I wish I could stay here in this moment forever