I will fight for us

Today all I want to do is float away

I do not want to feel

I do not want to breathe

Every breath brings the pain

I hold the girl

I let her cry

I tell her we do not just fight for us

That we are not ready to die

We just continue on

Suffering as we do

Otherwise we will lose this fight

The one that means everything to us

We must save the others

We must free the damned


A place for us

Deep within my soul

I know there are pieces left

Parts that will one day make me whole

Someday you will see

That there is so much more to me

Then the girl who walked away

There is so much more to me

Than just one story to be told

One day when I walk the earth

There will be others behind me

I will show them the way

I will show them where there is land

A place for all of us

It exists inside my heart

It is the home of the forgotten

The ones who were once lost

The ones that thought they were dammed

All they needed was compassion

I give to all of you my hand

With all my love,


I let her cry

I walk inside myself

I see the girl crouched over

Crying to herself

I feel the pain she feels

I feel the emptiness inside

I sit beside her

I draw her close

I hold her head to my heart

Then I let her cry



I saw myself in someone else today

I wanted to take her hand

And give her hope

I wanted to tell her I understand