Welcome back

I don’t know why I am surprised this time 

The pain is so deep 

It stabs me as I sleep 

Bursting from the inside 

Stabbing at my chest 

Welcome back to hell I say 

Forget about the rest 

What makes you think it will be better 

It will never be ok 

What makes you think you can trust 

When all they ever do is lie 

What makes you think this will be different 

When will you stop wondering why 

Forget about those hopes 

Forget about those dreams 

Don’t you know by now

Nothing is ever as it seems 

I hear darkness come closer 

When I feel myself fall again

He says hello to me 

I say hello to you old friend 

Darkness whispers to me 

Let it go my dear 

Let me smash your heart 

I will rip it out and stand there 

As I watch you fall apart 


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