The land of lost souls

I have come to the land of lost souls

Those of us abused and hidden away

This is where we stay

Those of us lost to this world

Those of us in pain

This is where we linger

This is where we remain

Abandoned and distraught

Tired and broken

We are the tenants of souls who fought

We are the tenants who keep fighting

We fight for peace and happiness some day

Until then, this is where we stay


11 thoughts on “The land of lost souls

  1. Reading these words, I felt a sense of community. How all of us survivors, are on our own island, supporting one another, but far from the rest of humanity. One day we’ll find our way off the island, but until we do, we’re lost together. I don’t know, but it kind of feels like home. If this makes any sense at all?

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