Lost to this world 

I saw her cry 

Broken she wept 

Lost to this world 

Alone she sits 

Wondering why 

She can’t just float away 

Like a feather in the sky 

Instead she is here

Stuck in her own skin

Year after year 

Living in fear 

Wondering why 

She is stuck in this place 

Wondering what she must face 

Alone she screams on the inside 

Fearing her fate 

Knowing he lied 

Not filled with hate

Just filled with sorrow 

Lost to this world 

She sees no tomorrow 

Maybe someone will find her 

Maybe someone will see 

What is on the inside 

Maybe she will find some peace 

When the light shines down from the night 

I can see in her eyes 

She is determined to fight 

She will not stop until she has won 

She will never forget what you have done 


Under water

Your words they cut so deep 

Huge cuts that slice through my soul 

I knew that I would pay a price 

I knew that there would be a toll

You slander me with words you say 

Thinking that this is my price to pay 

With each lash and every word you spew 

All I see is venom dripping off your tongue 

Something’s now I see so clearly 

You have been the anchor 

You have been the one holding me down 

You have been watching 

Holding my head under water 

Waiting for me to slowly drown 


The land of lost souls

I have come to the land of lost souls

Those of us abused and hidden away

This is where we stay

Those of us lost to this world

Those of us in pain

This is where we linger

This is where we remain

Abandoned and distraught

Tired and broken

We are the tenants of souls who fought

We are the tenants who keep fighting

We fight for peace and happiness some day

Until then, this is where we stay


Falling through the floor

Here I go again 

Falling through the floor 

Here I go again 

Walking out the door 

Here I go again 

Looking for comfort 

Here I go again 

Looking for an end 

Once again

Once again I feel myself drowning 

Once again I just want to scream 

I want to float away 

I want to live in a dream 

I wish I could escape this nightmare that is my life 

I wish I could escape the pain 

I want to stop pretending 

I want it all to stop 

I want to get away from you all

Before I dive 

Before I fall 


When it feels like the world is crashing down

I look to the sky

I breathe in the air

I start to question why

Then I realize that sometimes there is no answer

Sometimes there are no reasons

Looking at the beauty of the world brings me peace

It shows me that there is so much more to life than I see

I am grateful for these moments of clarity

I am grateful that I have the ability to see beyond me



I used to dream of death

Those dreams where the best I ever had

An escape from the pain

An escape from this life

An escape from the gap in my mind

A gap that is thick and sharp like a knife

Then there was apathy

The numbness from the inside out

I drifted from here to there

There were no feelings and no doubt

Now all I do is deflect

Deflect the obstacles that continue to come

When I think I am finished with one

I realize I will never be done

I guess this is just the way life is meant to be

A constant battle

A constant fight to be free


No certainty

There is no certainty in this life

People are here

Then they are gone

Happiness turns to sorrow

Sorrow turns to hate

Sometimes you catch onto something

Sometimes you catch it too late


My land of make believe 

I feel this weight crushing me 

I can no longer breathe

I want to stay in my land of make believe 

Where everything is how I want it to be

I want to be with the one who loves me 

In a world we have created 

In a world we will remain 

Keeping my mind in this place 

Is the only thing that keeps me sane 

Hold on

In the end what really matters 

Is that you find the one you need 

Hold onto him and do not let go 

Do not run too fast 

Do not run too slow

Just hold on to him 

Do not let the world dissuade you 

Do not let others hold you back 

Do not let obstacles block you 

Keep your head high and stay on track 

The only thing that you really need to know 

Is that love is the meaning of life 

Finding love is a gift 

A gift worth fighting for 

I will hold onto mine 

I will cherish him until the end of time